4x8ft Cnc Router Machine With Single Spindle

FC-I6-1D type is best seller CNC router machine for our customers, it’s universe and flexible type, whole machine effective 4*8ft working area with 6.0KW air cooling spindle and vacuum table, suitable for all kinds of board type furniture, wooden doors, cabinets, solid wood furniture cutting and engraving

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Product Details

4x8ft cnc router machine with single spindle (Item No.: FC-I6-1D)


1. Machine Bed: high-quality seamless welding steel structure

2. Assembly Contact Surface: scraping process
3. Machine Structure: high-temperature aging treatment, and upright, support plate, using aluminum cast process to ensure high stability

4. Spindle: China 6.0KW air-cooling, suitable for long-time processing for wood products

5. Inverter: Shenzhen SUNFAR high performance, high frequency electronic anti-jamming system
6. Drive System: Shenzhen LEADSHINE hybrid servo
7. Motor: China Stepper, high torque and precision, fast and stable performance

8. Control System: NC Studio 53C
9. Linear Guide Rail: Taiwan HIWIN square (X/Y/Z axis), high accuracy and precision tool position, fully guarantee machine’s high speed and accuracy
10. Ball Screw: Taiwan TBI, high precision, screw rod is very precise when processing
11. Working Table: patent design cavity vacuum adsorption platform, minimum adsorption area: 150*150mm
12. Vacuum Pump: 7.5KW water-cooling
13. Transmission: rack and pinion
14. Electrical Components: French Schneider, Taiwan AirTAC
15. Standard Configurations: industrial aviation plugs links, connected directly, soft metal cable sheath, avoids the cable damage situation from the press & bump effectively.
16. Cables: YC numerical control machine shielding line, can reciprocate eight million times.


Technology Parameters:


X/Y working travel1300*2500mm
Z working travel>200mm
Max. running speed25m/min
Max. feeding height200mm
Engraving commandG code.uoo.mmg.plt
Software operation environmentWin98/2000/XP
SpindleChina 6.0KW air-cooling
Control systemNC Studio 53C
Working modeHybrid servo
Spindle rotating speed6000-18000rpm/min
TransmissionRack and pinion
Working tableCavity vacuum adsorption platform
InverterShenzhen SUNFAR
OtherTool Sensor


Spare Parts:

Machine Frame
Material: 12mm steel pipe
Mode: Welding seamless
Craft: 600℃ quenching treatment
Origin: China
Power: 6.0KW
Cooling: Air-cooling
Rotating: 6000-18000rpm/min
Origin: Shenzhen
Power: 7.5KW
Origin: Shenzhen
Mode: Hybrid servo
Origin: Shenzhen
Mode: Stepper
Origin: Shanghai
MFG: NC Studio (Wei Hong)
Series: 53C
Type: Independent controlling cabinet
Guide Rail
Origin: Taiwan
Type: Linear
Modulus: 25mm
Ball Screw
Origin: Taiwan
Lead: 5mm
Working Table
Type: Vacuum adsorption
Material: PVC
Vacuum Pump
Origin: China
Power: 7.5KW
Phase: 3P
Cooling: Water-cooling
Electrical Components
Origin: French/Taiwan
MFG: Schneider/AirATC
Lubrication System
Mode: Manual


Acrylics: acrylics, backlight module face-plate, liquid crystal diffuser plate, etc.
Thermoplastic Elastomer: rubber, plastic, resin, foam products, etc.
Engineer Plastics: PVC, ABS, PF, PE, PU etc.
Compound Materials: FRP, artificial stone, compact board, graphite, laminates, etc.
Wood Material: solid wood, wood based panel, MDF, trip-lay etc.
Light Metal Material: aluminum extruded, copper, aluminium profile.

1.Furniture Industry
All kinds of board type furniture, wooden doors, cabinets, solid wood furniture cutting and engraving
2. Advertising Industry
Craft gifts, crystal ornaments, advertisement sign, mini word engraving cutting, etc;
3. Decoration Industry
Acrylic, PVC, density board, plastic, aluminum and copper, etc of soft sheet metal ornamental milling cutting processing
4. Plate Processing
Insulation, plastic chemical parts; PCB, High-speed train body panel, bowling track; Compact plate, epoxy resin, ABS, PP, PE and other carbide mixture




                ABS Board Cutting


                  Wood Furniture

                        MDF Doors

                    Acrylic Cutting

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