Wood CNC Router Machine for Sale

Wood CNC Router Machine for Sale

Wood CNC router machine with four 6.0KW air cooling spindle for sale, the four spindles can switch automatically, it’s a kind of simple ATC cnc router and also it’s a kind of non-synchronous multi head CNC router. It’s to save the tool changing time and improve the efficiency. This type widely used for wood doors, cabinet processing, plate furniture like cupboard, desk etc cutting and nesting. A wood router is controlled in the same way as a metal mill, but there are CAM and CAD applications such as Artcam, Mastercam, Bobcad, and AlphaCam, which are specifically designed for use with wood routers. Wood routers are frequently used to machine other soft materials such as plastics. Typical three-axis CNC wood routers are generally much bigger than their metal shop counterparts. 5' x 5', 4' x 8', and 5' x 10' are typical bed sizes for wood routers. They can be built to accommodate very large sizes up to, but not limited to 12' x 100'. The table can move, allowing for true three axis (xyz) motion, or the gantry can move, which requires the third axis to be controlled by two slaved servo motors.

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Product Details

Machine Features:

● Machine Bed: High-quality 12mm steel structure welding seamless, whole machine body 600 degree quenching and milled by CNC machining center.

● Machine Parts: Gantry milled by 2M*4M machine center, other parts are aluminum casting

● Spindle: Four China 6.0KW air-cooling spindle with 6000~18000rpm, the three spindles can change tools pneumatic, long using life and easy maintenance

● Driver: Shenzhen LEADSHINE hybrid servo with encoder, giving the feedback while the machine has wrong program

● Motor: Leadshine hybrid servo motor to make sure the machine have the high speed.

● Control System: Advance NC-studio controlling 53C version controlling or NK260 industrial controlling system, SYNTEC controlling optional

● Inverter: Shenzhen INOVANCE high performance inverter or Taiwan DELTA

● Linear Guide Rail: Taiwan HIWIN or PMI 25mm square guide

● Rack and Pinion: Taiwan helical rack and pinion transmission with reducer

● Ball Screw: Taiwan TBI (Z axis) transmission

● Working Table: Vacuum adsorption with 7.5KW vacuum pump

● French Schneider Electrical Components, Taiwan AirTAC pneumatic components

● Tool Calibration for quick and accurate tool length and “Z“ zero recording.

Technical Parameter:





Working Area


Z Feeding Height




Working Table

Vacuum Table with T slot

Spindle Power

Four 6KW air cooling spindle(HSD spindle optional)

Spindle Speed


Max. Speed


Motor and Driver

Hybrid Servo with Encoder(Japan Servo Optional)

Controlling System

NC-Studio 95A controlling(SYNTEC Controlling optional)


7.5KW(Delta optional)

Working Voltage


Design Software

Ucancam V10 or Artcam

Tool Calibration



Plywood Case




Application in wood furniture, wooden doors, cabinet, cabinet doors etc.


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