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Applications of FANCH CNC Router Machine
- May 15, 2018 -

Here we introduce FANCH CNC Machines application for all kinds of industry:


Cabinet Making

Cabinet making is one of our most popular applications. Affordable, dependable FANCH CNC routers make manufacturing of doors, countertops, shelves, drawers and drawer fronts possible for small, mid-size and large shops alike. Cabinetmakers are using our quality CNC routers to increase production and cut costs by reducing material handling and increasing throughput.

Sign Making

FANCH CNC’s routers are used in sign making to carve signs in wood, plastic, bronze, aluminum, foam and other materials. Simultaneous 3 axis motion with the appropriate software allows full 3D capability that provides sign makers the ability to work with practically any material.

Furniture Making

Furniture making is a highly popular application with FANCH CNC routers. Equipped with routing, boring, grooving, planing and sanding tools, our CNC routers are capable of simultaneous movements on parabolic planes using multiple heads and automatic tool changers.

Architectural Millwork

A FANCH CNC machine paired with easy-to-use software can closely mimic the artisan’s skills seen in moldings, arches, carvings, corbels, as well as in columns. FANCH routers offer an Indexing Lathe that makes those difficult 3D carvings on cylindrical parts easy.

3D Sculpture Processing

Wood Carving

Woodworking is widely viewed as a hands-on craft, but CNC technology can achieve the quality and repeatability of the cuts. From fine crafted furniture to gifts, a CNC router can help you achieve any possibility!

Stone Carving

FANCH SKD series can do many 3D and 2.5D stone relief carving, mainly for sand stone, granite, marble, man-made stone, quartz etc engraving.

Aluminum Machining

Though CNC routers are generally used with wood and plactic products, a CNC machine can also be used to cut aluminum. The possibilities are endless with a FANCH CNC router.

Acrylic/Plastic Sheet Machining

FANCH CNC machines are used in a number of plastic cutting and machining operations. If you are a manufacturer of plastic engineering components, vacuum molds, liners or inserts, a FANCH CNC router will provide you both economical and reliable performance.

Prototyping & Modeling

FANCH CNC routers are a perfect way to create prototypes using aluminum, foam, wood and plastics. Using a FANCH CNC router and the right software, you can reverse engineer a 2D or 3D model to effectively and efficiently create prototypes and reproduction parts.

Musical Instruments
A FANCH CNC machines ability to produce parts with unsurpassed repeatability and accuracy is key in the production of various types of musical instruments. Using a FANCH CNC router, you can create custom designed instruments that are tailor made for your customers or that fit your brand.

So you can choose our FANCH CNC router machines according to your products. More CNC Routers please check CNC Machines