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Extend the Life of Your CNC Router Machines With These Three Tips
- May 29, 2018 -

Extend the Life of Your CNC Router Machines With These Three Tips

When using the CNC Router Machines, whatever they are 3 axis cnc router, 4 axis cnc router, or 5 axis cnc router, it is always good to conduct routine maintenance to ensure a quality output. Some companies are usually so busy serving their customers that they often overlook the need to do maintenance. However, taking the time to perform maintenance helps prevent an expensive breakdown while ensuring the machine’s maximum longevity.

1. Lubrication

Oil Lubrication.jpg

Tools such as the spindles, cutters, and other moving parts are used daily. These tools are likely to break, chip, or sustain dents when they are not well maintained. The operator should identify these tools and lubricate them as often as need be. It’s also important to use the right oil or grease to prevent any possible CNC machining problems.

2. Use the Correct Speeds and Feeds

speed and feedrate.jpg

For best results, it is important to run the CNC machine while using the right speeds and feeds. It is necessary to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations while taking into account the material, tool’s diameter, the arrangement of inserts, and the width and depth of the cut. Nowadays, companies can use a special “feeds and speeds” calculator to make the selection easy.

3. Do Not Recut Chips


Recutting chips is harmful to the life and security of the machine. Therefore, it should be avoided at all cost. It may also lead to chip jamming and cutting edge fractures. This problem is common when milling deep pockets and cavities on vertical materials. The coolant can be set up correctly to eliminate the chips easily. Additionally, splitting a deep cut into several passes can help solve this problem.

By adhering to these simple maintenance and application tips, companies can ensure their CNC machines are running at the optimum performance while assuring a reliable production process. Inspecting the machine regularly also helps to note parts and tools that may cause potential problems in the future.