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FANCH 5 AXIS CNC Machine Router Application
- May 16, 2018 -

FANCH Moving Table 5-axis machining centers set a new level of 5-axis accuracy and machining performance. The combination of a highly rigid base, precision gearbox and high accuracy Servo System makes the FANCH 5 AXIS an ideal choice for machining plastics, aluminum and composite materials.

The fixed bridge and moving table design provides easy machine access in a compact easy-to-access design. The webbed steel substructure remains smooth and rigid while all 5-axis are in full 5-axis machining mode.

--Advanced 5-axis CNC features are available on both models

--CNC Controls include Ethernet options to provide remote technical support

--Work piece holding flexibility is provided by optional clamping, grid, or manifold vacuum systems

--The FANCH FC-5AXIS an industry standard G-code for control functions that allows easy interfacing with all major CAD/CAM software and industry standard solid modeling software packages. Additional options include work piece dimension probing, both single and dual zone capabilities and custom configurations upon request.