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Suggestions on daily use and maintenance of laser machines
- Feb 02, 2018 -

1. Pre-use inspection:

Machines working environment: pay attention to the work environment is too bad, indoor temperature is higher than 40 ℃, lower than 0 ℃, dust is too much, air pollution is serious, this machine was badly damaged, fault rising, the electrical accessories in the damp environment problems easily. In temperature not to exceed 30 ℃ under the environment of work, please turn on the cooling water, with low into the above principles, adjust the position of outlet pipe, guarantee the cooling water is full of laser tube, the tube can not have bubbles, and then open the power supply.

2, check the focus lens and mirrors, working for a moment frames will be fever, lens surface discoloration rust, take off the film cracking are to change the phenomenon, especially many clients with large air pump and air compressor, such a focus lens on water very quickly; The power distribution and contact points of the whole equipment should be good; The honeycomb bottom plate should be flat, otherwise the focal length will not be consistent in some places cut, so that the light intensity will be increased, will also cause the laser tube aging.

3. Pay attention to the current strength: the working current of the laser tube should be reasonable, and it can't work in the light intensity of 900~100 for a long time. The laser power dissipation should be smooth, otherwise the working current will be increased by more than 50%, which will increase the failure rate of the laser power supply.

How the machine is disassembled. When installing or repairing and laser engraving machine, should do first is to observe the machine's transmission part and the movement rule of it and the structure of various parts, movement time should pay attention to its concentricity, perpendicularity, parallelism, straightness, overhaul after installation to be on the safe side, the first manual commissioning, nothing abnormal recanalization boot, carefully listen to the machine for each of the sounds, the whole machine to achieve low noise, no noise, and vice is not normal, to installation and debugging.

5, machine debugging correction: such as asymmetry of diagonal after commissioning, according to the actual situation of cutting at this moment, the beam on both sides of the screw loosening, according to the direction of the Y axis move back and forth motion 1 ~ 2 mm then lock, trial and error a few times to achieve the best effect; In the process of debugging, it is necessary to fix the laser tube by adjusting the position of the laser tube support point or rotating laser tube to achieve the best output effect. When making the optical path correction, reduce the laser power as much as possible.

6. Inspection and maintenance of the sports system: when you want to pay special attention to the parallelism and push the dragon gate with your hand, you should be flexible and able to ensure uniform linear motion. When the sliding block is disassembled, it is necessary to understand its structure first. It is composed of a number of steel beads in the decimal point. Improper installation method will lead to the loss of it. Regular cleaning, replacement screw on butter, reoccupy rust-proof oil, cleaning screw, clean before you screw at the bottom of the optical axis and pulleys cloth is separated, so as to avoid falling when cleaning the dirt damaged optic axis and metal pulley. Clean the connection parts and the screws that can be touched in time, and coat the surface with oil so that it is not affected by rust.

7. Safety protection of operators: at any time, people's safety should be placed first. In order to ensure the safety of the operator and the normal work of the equipment, the ground wire of the machine must be reliably grounded in any situation; Avoid the buildup of dust near the high voltage electrode. Keep it dry and keep the high end as far away from the metal as possible in case of high pressure. The laser must be switched off to measure when the difference is corrected to avoid laser radiation. Do not look directly at the laser beam or its deflected beam, and do not let the body in the laser radiation zone. When working, be sure to be safe, away from the scanning range, and non-staff are not allowed to approach.

8, machine protection: pay attention to protect the output of the laser tube window and reflection lens and focus lens, avoid smoke generated in the working process of the splash into the output window and reflection lens and focus lens surface caused by pollution, resulting in a decline in the power, can dip in with cotton wool or silk into the anhydrous acetin gently wipe the laser output window and the outer surface of the mirror, focusing mirror.

9, machine work speed: laser engraving machine the size of the inflection point velocity affects the effect of engraving, if the speed of the inflection point is big, the equipment turns nasty, the impact on the equipment, vibration, carved effect is poor; But if the efficiency is high, the inflection point is small, the equipment turns the curve gently, the equipment runs smoothly, the accuracy is high, the effect is good. If the efficiency is low, the size of the acceleration will affect the cutting effect and operating efficiency. If the cutting speed changes fast, the cutting efficiency is high, but the cutting effect is poor; However, if the acceleration value is small and the cutting speed is slow, the cutting effect will be better.

10. Reset the machine: if the user chooses the machine origin, the laser head stops at the mechanical origin after the equipment operation is completed or the reset operation is performed. When starting up, push the beam back and forth with the hand, and the car will move around the same way, so that the power can be energized, so that the machine can be controlled to avoid damage caused by sticking out of the object. Reset if the machine is not normal, reset in the right direction, but by the vertices, car and beam can't stop, or beam reset is normal, reset, the car may be because the tension wheel jammed or the motor shaft is broken, the parameter is wrong.

11. What should the machine do if it stops at the middle of the road?

Check the grounding of the machine and measure whether the ground line is up to standard; Check whether the computer has screen saver or power saving mode; If you do not have this problem with other graphics, it is only a certain graph that appears such a problem, see if the original picture is wrong, if the graph has crossed, not closed, lack of strokes and so on.

12, the maintenance of the cooling system: if the laser light intensity is too large or continuous uninterrupted work time is too long, circulating water heating up too fast, check the cooling water outlet pipe flow is normal, whether smooth, current machine latex tube whether discount; Check whether the water pump or the outlet pipe is dirty, and do not protect whether it is blocked or not; Check whether the water pump and water pressure are normal. If the chiller is alarm, first ensure that the user's power supply system is normal, and the low voltage is easy to cause the chiller to alarm; The water in the chiller is not enough, and the excessive amount of water will also call the police. Check whether the water pump in the chiller is normal.

13. Special situation: no action on the machine, whether the liquid crystal block or fluorescent lamp tube is displayed or bright; If it is shown, the new model will check the parameters of the main board. If there is a spark in the head of the car, if it is used in the rubber industry, there are impurities in the offset plate. Check the white jet tube of laser head, whether there is a strong airflow ejection, because the tracheal path is longer, easy to discount, clog or ground; Check the air pump for failure.