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The characteristics of nc open material software
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Features of CNC opening software:

1, the software built-in cabinets, wardrobe, cabinet put oneself in another's position templates can be satisfied with the manufacturers produce demand, without the staff planning, simply select the corresponding cabinet put oneself in another's position of cabinet put oneself in another's template and input structure size can according to different machine can produce the corresponding G code.

2. Planning, unpacking, quotation, typesetting, drilling, slotting, cutting and finishing. Take the initiative to produce empty space, open slot, open cut way, no need to say empty space.

3. The production of single active accounting requires the number of wooden shaws, the number of hardware, the accurate calculation of the square number, the quotation includes the required hardware accessories.

4. Optimize the layout, optimize the cutting path, and save the raw materials for you.

5. The bar code label runs through all the time, saving you the service, accurate and small error.

6. To simplify the equipment and streamline procedures for you, safe and free of work injury, save time, save time and plate.