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The difference between multiple engraving machine and multi-process carving machine
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Engraving machine industry people say that can simultaneously process many products of the name of multiple engraving machine, the multi-process is also several spindle head some customers also confused into the "long engraving machine". Such as double switching, three switch although engraving machine engraving machine with multiple spindle, the same products but not at the same time processing multiple, just have the effect of automatic tool change, so many process engraving machine engraving machine and long cannot be confused.

The long engraving machine is mainly divided into two kinds of independent head carving machine and hanging plate type, the industry is often referred to as a few engraving machine. Independent head long engraving machine refers to each carved the nose has a separate Z axis, the machine more stable and can be done to cut a head can be controlled separately, such as flexibility, but because of Shared a beam Y, so can only be processed the same products. Went on a few long engraving machine due to multiple head in a flip chart, relatively slightly less stability, strength may also be smaller, but it is very suitable for small plate embossing processing, is the most optimal machining efficiency at present.

Independent headlong engraving machine is generally used for shoucai carving, stone carving, and other industries also useful, relatively few. This machine generally has a wider X-axis width to achieve the highest machining width and no effect on the length. If a head is not used, it can be pushed aside to increase the maximum width of the processing. The processing width of the two heads can also reach 1M, and the efficiency is good.

Went on a long wooden engraving machine or conventional hanging plate long woodworking engraving machine is very suitable for embossing processing, and processing efficiency is very good, at present in many industries such as furniture, handicraft is very popular.

The multi-process engraving machine reduces the user's purchasing cost and realizes the automatic change of the knife. Currently, the winner is able to offer high efficiency double switching, three switching and four switching. If more than four knives are needed, it is still mainly used in the processing center disk.