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The direction of the future development of numerical control opener
- Feb 02, 2018 -

1. The mechanical structure of the nc feeder is modularized and reconfigurable.

2. Standardized, general, modular and serialized design of joint, side jet, top jet and gantry spraying machine products; Development of flexible copy - spraying manipulator, development of flexible copy - shaped compound mechanism, research on simulation servo axis trajectory planning, control system development.

3, the sensor function of CNC cutting machine manipulator is becoming more and more important, in addition to the traditional sensors such as position, velocity, acceleration, also introduced the sight, hearing, touch sensor, make it to the intelligent direction.

4. The industrial mechanical manual control system is developed for the open controller based on PC, which is convenient for standardization and networking. The device integration is improved, the structure is small, and the modular structure is adopted. It greatly improves the reliability, maneuverability and maintenance of the system.