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The engraving machine is prone to malfunction
- Feb 02, 2018 -

In the process of carving, the engraving machine suddenly appears 1. 2. Beyond the scope of work.

Reason: 1. Mechanical trigger and interference trigger of limit switch; 2. Before operation, there is no return to the mechanical origin, and the machining data parameters exceed the machining dimension of the machine surface.

1. Check the sensing point of the limit switch, whether there is metal contact, if there is metal contact cleaning, the problem can be solved; If there is no contact with metal objects, check the limit switch wiring, remove the short circuit problem, and the fault can be ruled out. If the above reasons do not exist, the problem of circuit interference should be checked, and the limit switch line should be wound by a magnetic ring, and the problem of demagnetization can be solved.

2, machine appeared after the soft limit alarm and automatically stop working, and at this time, please choose in the operation control system under the "actions" menu "back to the mechanical origin", a three axis will reset at the same time, and then fixed moment, problems can be solved.

The control system of CNC engraving machine is mainly the dimension control system. There is a more important function in the vimacro control system - emulation.

1. Using simulation, we can check the program that will be processed. If the program input is wrong, we can adjust it in time so as to avoid machining errors in the engraving machine.

2. Using simulation, we can preview the processing effect in advance. If the effect is not good, we can choose the appropriate tool calculation path again.

3. Using simulation, we can calculate the time required for actual processing in advance, so that we can arrange our time reasonably.

4. Using the simulation, we can check the lifting of the tool and the order of the walking, and the lifting of the knife is too high or too low, and the carving sequence can be adjusted by this link.

The importance of emulation is particularly important for users who have just touched the engraving machine. The operation itself may be unfamiliar, if the simulation preview is not conducted, once the problem occurs, the material waste or the tool fracture can be caused. Simulation is equivalent to a real processing process. We can learn and demonstrate by using simulation software, which is easier to master.

Engraving machine in order to avoid damage caused by the improper operation, also in order not to waste plank and saves the manpower, we must be careful when operating, is the employee familiar with engraving machine, before carving also had better use dimensional macro system simulation function check carving path is correct.