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Anti-freeze Measures For Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Basic principles and methods of antifreeze.

Liquid has the "freezing point", when the temperature of the liquid temperature is lower than the "freezing point", to form solid, and deionized water or pure water in the process of solidification get bigger size, this will "hold bad" water-cooling system connection and sealing pipeline damage. In order to avoid the damage of laser, output head and water cooling machine, there are three solutions:

Plan 1. If there is absolutely no power failure in the local area, the water cooler will not be closed at night, and the coolant will be in circulation and the temperature will not be lower than freezing point.

Plan 2, after daily use, the laser, laser output head, water cooler cooling liquid empty.

Solution 3, use antifreeze solution as coolant.