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Anti-freezing Technique For Optical Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
- Feb 02, 2018 -

For the cold weather in winter, it is necessary for us to master the anti-freezing technique of the related fiber laser cutting machine. Here is a brief introduction for you. We must pay attention to the following three aspects:

1, due to the laser cutting machine with water as cooling medium, so the laser operating environment temperature should be above 5 ℃.

2, no heating in winter if workshop, or when the temperature of the environment may be lower than 5 ℃. If the laser only does not work at night, or does not work on weekends, it can still open the machine. In this way, the cooling water is still circulating and will not freeze.

3. If your factory or workshop is closed for a long time during the festival, the machine will not run. Be sure to pay attention to the winter heat preservation of the machine tool. Be sure to remove the water, laser, cutting head, lens and water of the chiller to prevent the machine from being damaged.