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CNC Machine Maintenance Instructions Before And After The Spring Festival Holidays
- Jan 23, 2019 -


How to Maintain CNC Router Before and After Chinese Lunar New Year 2019

---CNC Machine Maintenance Instructions Before and After the Spring Festival Holidays

To All of FANCH clients,

First of all, thanks for your trust and support to FANCH in the year of 2018, the Spring Festival 2019 is coming, the partial factory have started to have a leave. In order to not have an influence on your normal working after festival, please all of FANCH clients do better maintenance on CNC Router before holidays.

Maintenance of FANCH CNC Machine (Maintenance contents and matters below should be suitable for all FANCH equipment)

I. Electric Cabinet

Cut off the power of electric cabinet, it should be clean using vacuum cleaner (note: household vacuum cleaner, it must not use air-gun directly, the lifting dust will cause poor contact of electronic components), after cleaning, it should be placed desiccant.

II. Machine Body

After it should be cleaned using air-gun for dust on ball screw, rack and pinion and linear guide rail, brush lubrication oil (Machinery’s professional rail oil ISO VG-32~68, butter prohibited) on rack and pinion and guide rail, to ensure that there is mechanical oil (turn on CNC Machine’s lubrication system and fill machine-used oil into every lubrication block) on each helical rack and rail, let the water from oil and water separator be drained.

III. Drilling Group

Clean the surface impurities using air-gun, for Italy HSD/FAM CNC drilling gearbox and sawing unit, it needs fill into the lubrication oil from the oil nozzle.

IV. Spindle and Tool Shank

The tool shank on spindle should be removed, the spindle taper should be cleaned with a clean rag. Please check whether the handle of tool shank loosed, firm the nut and then loose, cleaning the impurities of the spring clamp and nut with air-gun, rub a little oil on the shank, nut and handle after cleaning with a clean cloth.

V. Vacuum Pump

For Becker dry-type pump, the filter dust should be clean before festival, and fill into the lubrication oil.

VI. Dust Collector

Clean the dust and impurities on the port of dust collector, and wood chips in the bag also should be cleaned.

VII. Machine Cover

Good CNC Machine maintenance, if you have good conditions, you can cover the machine with plastic bag (machine-used cover) to prevent from dust.

VIII. Notice Before Leaving

Power off all electrical equipment total power supply and total switch, to avoid unmanned management and unnecessary troubles during holidays.

Please note:

taking about 5 minutes to run your CNC Machine with a NC programme and without wood board before normal working . You would better not work first when turning on the machine.

FANCH Group wish you happy Spring Festival in advance.