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How To Maintain The CNC Feeding Machine?
- Feb 02, 2018 -

1. Maintenance of the machine.

To CNC cutting machine parts always adhere to the excellent situation, insisted that often maintenance is very important, can kill many failure risk in germination, avoid malignant accident attack. The content requirements of daily maintenance of different types of woodpeckers are not exactly the same, but they generally include the following aspects:

Adhere to the excellent smooth condition, regularly check, cleaning screw, add or replace the grease oil, screw, nut and so on various sports areas always adhere to the excellent situation, smooth to decline mechanical wear rate.

List of machine maintenance.

The serial number looks at the site to view the requirements.

1. Clean the table surface to remove rubbish every day.

2 every day, the X - axis pianshan insisted that pishan jun mobile xiao chang.

Check whether the cables are plugged in each day and whether there is any damage.

4. Check whether the fan is windy in the control box every day.

5 weekly X axis screw open pishan king to clean the screw after oil.

6. After the weekly Y axis screw cleaning the screw, oil.

Do not check the computer virus timely to do disk packing.

8 every month Z axis screw open the Z axis, clean the screw after refueling.

9 timing screw thread screw thread to check whether screw bolt is damaged or not.

The floating main shaft check the carbon plug of the motor.

2. Computer, control box maintenance.

If the computer and control box are too dirty, too much dust will affect the normal operation of the CNC feeding machine. There are too many dust in the computer case to burn the computer interface card, forming control panel is not available; The control box is too dirty. It may cause a short circuit to burn out the drive. It is necessary to clean regularly, insist on the main board and all kinds of CARDS ventilated boring.

Iii. Maintenance of spindle motor.

For longer and more stable use of spindle motors, the following points should be noted:

1. Make sure the bearing is smooth when refueling regularly.

2. No water can enter the motor.

3. Keep the bearings clean.

Do not work long hours with high speed and strong resistance.