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Normal Maintenance And Maintenance Of Stone Engraving Machine
- Feb 02, 2018 -

With carved stone stone engraving machine is a kind of research and development of an intelligent machine, this machine can quickly design, carved in stone prepared some carving factory manufacturer in order to improve benefit, often overload use stone engraving machine, not the maintenance on stone engraving machine, lead to all kinds of stone carving machine fault, reduce the service life, etc., so how are the normal maintenance of stone engraving machine, the following details for you.

1. After 10 hours of overloading, the stone engraving machine should ensure that the internal cooling water of the stone carving machine works properly, so as to avoid the phenomenon of water shortage in the stone carving machine, and replace the cold water in time.

2 when stone carving, stone carving machine, can produce a lot of stone powder, the powder of stone engraving machine, for the service life of the stone carving machine has very big effect, so in use before, during and after the stone carving machine for stone carving machine to clean the dust inside and outside.

3. Long-term shelving machine needs to start the machine regularly to keep the transmission system of the machine working properly and avoid damage.

4. The machine itself should check whether the internal wiring is normal, whether the screws are loose, whether the circuit is normal and so on.

5. The stone carving machine is shut down after shutdown and the power supply is cut off to ensure its service life.