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Stone Carving Mechanism In The Main Shaft Rusting Processing Method
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Stone carving mechanism in the main shaft rusting processing method

1.Physical derusting method.

Use manual way to remove rust on the surface of the scale, can be used to knock, shovel, such as scraping way to remove, can be suitable with the help of some cleaning tools, such as shovel knife, scraper, wire brush, abrasive paper, etc., physical cleaning is very convenient and quick, can also be quick cleaning method.

2. Chemical rust removal.

Chemical cleaning method is commonly used lubricants, cleaning the clean lubricant spray evenly in the position of the corrosion, after half an hour, use cotton towel to wipe clean lubricant, rust scale almost can remove clean, if the corrosion is more serious, can use a few times more.