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WHY Choose FANCH Stone Work Center?
- May 31, 2018 -

WHY Choose FANCH Stone Work Center?

SKD-3216ATC range of processes and machining operations include:

· Rough or polished edge contouring

· Milling and Routing

· Drilling and Cutting

· Countersinking

· Recessing

· Bas-relief

· Writing

FANCH SKD-3216ATC engineering design focuses on:

The mobile bridge structure to ensures motion accuracy and easy loading/Unloading of heavy workpieces

The electrospindle, Italy designed and -manufactured, air/liquid cooled and equipped with stone field-specific features, in order to ensure maximum performance and ideal operating conditions

The work surface, made of pre-drilled aluminium and ultra-smooth for quick suction cups positioning


FANCH SKD-3216ATC stone work center basic machine specifications are as follows:

X Axis Stroke
Y Axis Stroke1600mm
Z Axis Stroke310mm
SpindleItaly SACCARDO 15.8KW, 0-10000RPM
Overall Dimension6200mm*2200mm*2650mm

Monobloc base and main components


SKD-3216ATCs wide section monobloc steel base has been developed through FEA (Finite Element Analysis), verifying the dynamic loads of the machine's components and making it possible to engineer a structure and choose a movement system (precision guides, ball screws or racks, and sliding blocks, to guarantee high performance, geometric precision and work reliability at high speeds, even with heavy working loads. SKD-3216ATCs frame is also heat treated and stabilized, providing a well balanced and rigid support for higher performance, yielding quality and accuracy.

Tool storage magazine


SKD-3216ATC comes with a standard 18 place in line tool rack with automatic tool change, which is completely protected by a stainless steel cover, automatically activated though a spring system controlled by the mobile bridge movement at each tool change.




SKD-3216ATC standard electrospindle provides 15.8 kW (21.2 hp) power at 4300 rpm and range of 0 - 10000 with a Torque of 35 Nm, an adjustable rotation speed throughout its complete range, an ISO 40 connection, combined with steady power transmission, an air blow-off for cleaning and to guarantee a perfect clutching of the conic tool holders, and in addition can be provided with optional Ceramic bearing for reliability and long-term life.

Safety protection

SKD-3216ATC is equipped with all safety devices necessary to give the operator maximum protection during the normal running.

lThe electric cables and the water pipes are supported by a cable rack chain.

lThe safety pressure switch stops the machine should the compressed air be in short supply.

lA vacuum device stops the machine in case of an insufficient vacuum value.

lA servo-valve stops the water flow when the machine is not working.

lAxes load limiting device prevents the machine from working beyond the established threshold limits.

lCovers in stainless steel and the bellows protect all moving parts against water and dust.

lThe side protections are made in extruded aluminum and poly-carbonate, with manual up-and-down, the frontal door prevents access to the working area and reduces the sound level.




Stone - Flat Slab Applications


The natural beauty of stone has made it a popular choice in homes and construction projects for centuries. But today the application of CNC machining centers to the various laborious processes that have traditionally been involved have brought this much appreciated building material within the reach of more and more and home owners and commercial building projects, showing up in everything from:

kitchen counter tops,

showers and their enclosures

flooring and inlays...


Stone flat slab - shower pans


The stone slab shower pan, also known as a shower base, is part of the flat slab stone work sector that has had a growing interest in the market of recent time. When combined with a flat glass surround application its beauty and simple design fit a wide range of home owner preferences.

Some of the reasons for this interest are of a practical nature: with less leisure time a shower is preferred over a bath, when remolding, an elegant looking stone shower base is a very easy concept to grasp and implement.
The picture shows a shower pan which has been machined on a Speed CNC machining center.


Stone countertop - flat slab processing


Granite counter tops are very a popular application in today's homes—among the most widely requested uses of granite in home, and on the list of "important" items to address in new home construction and remodels.

Stone - inlay floor and mosaic processing work

Stone work for inlaid floors and mosaics, both beautiful and enduring, is made accurately and quickly as a CNC application...

Every year we will take part in Xiamen Stone Fair during 6~9th March, you can come to us in 2019 and see this machine!